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Never lose those
precious childhood memories again.

You know how you mark your child's growth on the wall or door frame and then you move or paint and lose all the marks? Well, you never have to lose them again. Now, when you have one of Papa's Grow Sticks you can have a permanent, decorative family heirloom suitable for any room in your home to measure and keep the record of your children and your grandchildren's growth.

Your Papa's Grow Stick, when put together measures 7' yet it is easily disassembled and fits into a matching carrying case which can then be easily transported in a suitcase.

See what others have said...

"The Grow Stick was a hit on Christmas!  Thank you so much and thank you especially for meeting me on Christmas eve.  You’re the best! Hope you had a fabulous holiday and have a happy new year." R.B.--Arizona

* * * * *

"Both sticks arrived.  The lady who bought one for her niece was thrilled with the little carry case to store it in as the niece didn't plan to keep it up all the time.  My son and daughter-in-law loved it and plan to put it up and keep it up.  They're thinking of painting the room green or yellow, so the white stick was a good choice.  The baby isn't due until July, so they're just getting started with the decorating. Thanks so much for all your help." B.A.--Arizona

* * * * *

"I love my grow stick.  It is perfect.  Thank you so very much.  It was exactly what I was looking for." D.W.P.--California

* * * * *

"Cooper loves to get ours out and see what number he is!" A.R.-- Arizona

* * * * *

"I love it ... the colors are perfect in great-niece Jenna's nursery.  So thanks again, it arrived to a great reception!" A.B.--New Jersey



Pieces Vertical

All Grow Sticks are hand cut by Papa Lee and hand painted by Grandi. These Grow Sticks are family heirlooms.

No two sticks are alike.

Gift Ideas

  • Great shower gifts
  • Mother's Day Gifts
  • Wedding Presents
  • Birthday Presents
  • Family Heirlooms

Read how the concept of Papa's Grow Sticks came about

Patent No. 7,770,301 B1

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