Each one of Papa's Grow Sticks is hand cut by Papa Lee

Each one of Papa's Grow Sticks is hand painted by Grandi

No two Papa's Grow Sticks are alike

Each Papa's Grow Stick is signed by the artist


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Patent No. 7,770,301 B1

The Story Behind Papa's Grow Sticks


Each Grow Stick is hand made by Papa Lee and Grandi.  The concept came about because we had grandchildren living all over the world.  When one group would come to visit us, we measured them on a stick we had  made, but there always seemed to be one bunch or another that could not make it to our house.  We decided what we needed was a “Grow Stick” to go.  It took Papa Lee three years to come up with the perfect pattern.  We went through many prototypes. One day he was putting together a puzzle with his four year old granddaughter, Kylee, when he realized the answer was right in front of him.

Each Grow Stick is a family heirloom.  Our Grow Stick has four generations on it so far and it is the one thing we have that everyone wants.  When we visit our grandchildren the first thing they ask us is if they can “get on the stick.”  The kids are amazed to see, from year-to-year how many inches they have grown. Richard, our son-in-law is 6’7”  tall.  Everyone aspires to be as tall as Richard.

You no longer have to put marks on the wall or the door frame and then lose them when you move or paint, now, you have a permanent, decorative family heirloom suitable for any room in the house. Each grow stick, when put together, measures 7'. PLUS you can always take it with you.  It’s designed to fit in a suitcase or hand carry on an airplane.

diagram w/girl